The Tower and decoration of Mitsuyama-festival

Hello! this is Himeji 588 Guesthouse!

As I wroted last article about
Mitsuyama-taisai, which will be held from 31March-06APR
is the special festivalheld once in 20years.

Since the shrine which this festival will be held
is just few minutes away from Himeji 588 Guesthouse,
I can see what is going on there!

Dont you think these tower is amazingly high? 🙂
It is 16m and there are 3 tower.
Each called ” 2 color mountain”
“5 color mountain”
“Kosode mountain”.(“kosode”means the origin of kimono)

Kosode mountain is made by citizens, and
the other 2 mountains are made by area-lord.

This picture is part of Kosode-mountain.
Can you see the bunch of Kosode(kimono) is putted on the

This is a service [ceremony] of exorcism by citizens
by putting their kosode-kimono on sacread mountain.

So right after this festival ended, the mountain, included
kosode-kimono will be burned down!

Do you want to see it this festival?? 🙂
Please visit Himeji during 31MAR-06APR so you can see
beautiful cherry blossom, and also this festival


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