Owner  : Neneyan (Kyoko)

I have been backpacking around the world since I was a student and continue to do so till now.  (Especially love the Middle East and Africa! )
What I remember from my travels are not the tourist attractions , but the conversations I had with people I met at the inns and the local people I met at small restaurants and bars  in town.
As I am native-Himeji lady, who love Himeji as my hometown, I decided to open the cozy guesthouse near the castle.
We do not have hotel-like facilities. We no not  have the great view from room., BUT we have BIG LOVE for Himeji, so we can introduce various information & our favorite places to you, dear guest, so that you can enjoy Himeji.

Please come and stay at our cozy guesthouse, and please enjoy the beautiful Himeji at Night  🙂     SEE YOU IN HIMEJI!!