Kaiyoudou Exhibition (figure company) til 03SEP

Exhibition of “Kaiyoudou”, famous figure company (biggest in japan, I think)
will be held until 03SEP2023.
what is kaiyoudou??? → here! 

This exhibit was well worth seeing.

I am not that much of a figure person, but it was very interesting to see it with the explanations.

Don’t you think this figure is very dynamic?
It is the work of an artist named Bome.
Bome’s name comes from the nickname of a young man who has been visiting KAIYODO and sculpting ever since he was young, wearing a hat and glasses.
What kind of person is Mr. Bome? So I did a google search.

soooo interesting!

I don’t know how he could make such a shape…soooo coool!!!!

Lupin III. I thought this was a wonderful and dynamic figure, but I was told that it was made with Revoltech technology. The movement is really Lupin!

It was an exhibit that kept me looking at the countless figures. We hope you will stop by during your visit to Himeji.

Historical Museum of Hyogo (north of HImeji castle)