11APR2023 Wanna play ping-pong with locals??

Wanna play ping-pong? Most of the members are beginners and enjoying to playing ping-pong once a month.Basically local people and sometimes guesthouse guests also join 🙂 Anyone who wanna play ping-pong, try ping-pong, meet new people, lets meet on this day!

ALL LEVEL welcome!!!

What to bring: indoor shoes. (we prepare the ball and racket basically)
700yen for play.

DATE:11APR 2023
TIME :18:40-20:40
Meeting place: 18:40 at Egret Himeji B2 Arena A

This arena is indoor. Wearing mask or not is depend on person because
ping-pong playing is pretty hard, so some do wearing, some don’t.

Please contact to   info@himeji588.com for detail, and also we need to count the
number of participants due to preparation of table.


持ち物: 室内用の靴+参加費700円(お釣りなきように)

待ち合わせ場所:イーグレ姫路 B2 アリーナA