Decent, yummy Japanese sweets/ Jyujiro(重次郎)

Let me introduce my favorite sweets shop around my guesthouse. 🙂

A shop of selected processed products, mainly agricultural products born from the blessings of nature and biological farming methods

The mother body is “e”(company), which grows 21 hectares of rice fields in Sayo, as well as soybeans, azuki beans, and other crops on a large scale. They strives to use as little pesticides as possible.

At Jujiro, they use rice and beans cultivated in their own farm, process, and sell. The owner cooks the bean paste by himself.

The bean paste has moderate sweetness and the solid taste of the azuki beans, carefully grown without agricultural chemicals.

You can feel the quality ingredients from the rich taste of the sweets.
They also make great souvenirs.

The gelato “HAKU” is popular in all seasons. It’s based on milk gelato from a popular shop of unflavored and uncolored gelato made from dairy cows in Sayo.
The gelato is refreshing, yet rich in milk flavor.